Warmth part one

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I was outside in the harsh winter snow, clutching only a blanket and a stuffed bunny.

I had been out in this situation for many white days and nights. At this point, I had lost track of all the hours I wandered through the blinding, silver ice and snow.

I don’t remember much about my past or myself, but I feel the amnesia getting worse. Just a few moments ago, I could recollect my name. Now, like the dead leaves, my identity has seemed to fade.

I barely could keep moving; my legs and arms were shivering and my eyes ready to shut forever. There was something inside me that said not to give up, not to let the cold get to me. With this, I regained some energy to continue the fight against the chill.

A poor woman in rags walked a road parallel to mine but soon walked towards me.

“What’s a little child like you doing out here in this blizzard? Are you lost?” the woman asked me.

My strength seemed to falter once more and I fell onto the snow-covered concrete.

Just as I anticipated my fall, the woman held me tight and prevented my head from hitting the rough surface I stood on.

“Let me take you home with me,” the woman combed through my long hair. “I’ll help you recover.”

I felt her smooth grip as she carried me to her declining cottage like a mother with a baby. Did she have a child before?

“I don’t have much, but take this bread,” she handed me some simple-yet-vital energy in a loaf. “I rarely get visitors.”

“Who are you?” I asked after an awkward pause.

To be continued…

Image credit: Madilyn Wallace

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