The wizarding world paradox

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The wizarding world paradox

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Even though the last Harry Potter book came out in 2007, the wizarding world has continued to expand. There are eight movies based on the books, a stage play, a spinoff series of movies, books of fairy tales, and even a theme park. Right now there is a pop-up store in South Town mall specializing in Harry Potter merchandise. Everyday someone reads the story for the first time and long time fans continue to be delighted.

Not all the fans are happy with the new stories though. When the script for “The Cursed Child” came out, fans were initially very excited despite the fact that it was not written by J.K. Rowling. It would be the first new Harry potter story to come out in almost a decade.

It was met with mixed reviews though. Many who read the script were not pleased. They felt that it misrepresented the characters and took the story to unrealistic places. Would Cedric Diggory really ever have become a death eater? Unlikely. Overall, the plotline was hard to follow with multiple timelines and underdeveloped characters.

Puja Iyer, a sophomore here at Hillcrest says, “Generally the book was confusing and choppy and kind of badly written.”

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was also released in late 2016 and fans went crazy. With a screenplay written by J.K. Rowling, it added to the universe while keeping the same feel as the books and original movies. It felt familiar and new at the same time.

That changed when “Crimes of Grindelwald” was released on November 16 with much the same issues as “The Cursed Child.” Characters made choices that made no sense, not to mention plot holes like Professor McGonagall teaching at Hogwarts despite not being born for another eight years. The attention to detail that fans are accustomed to in Rowling’s writing was just not there.

So here is the paradox. Fans want more from the universe, but they do not accept anything that is given to them. They accuse everything Rowling does as a cash grab which may be true on some level, but there are other reasons too. Rowling runs a large company, supplying jobs to many people and if the story does not continue, then those people are out of a job.

What needs to happen next is a compromise between the fans and the creator. Fans want more and they should not be mad when they get it. The creator needs money and jobs but they should give their fans quality content. Rowling should continue to keep her standards high, not just make everything she produces quick and easy money. Doing this would make things better for everyone.

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