The worst snow on earth

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The worst snow on earth

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Unpopular alert: Snow is the absolute worst part of Utah. “The greatest snow on earth” also comes with its consequences. Snow is a hazard for people of all ages, not to mention it makes many people miserable during the winter.

Any Utah driver can agree that driving in the winter is terrifying. Black ice, fog, and snow contribute to the dangerous road conditions. Driving in snow is stressful and very dangerous.

In 2017, there were 39 fatal car crashes due to snow according to This makes up 14.3% of the total fatalities from 2017.

Canyons School District makes it very difficult to allow a “snow day.” Last school year, students and faculty were both expected to make it to school by  travelling on snow covered dangerous roads.

Utah is known all around the world for having some of the best snow and skiing. Most of the snow at ski resorts is man-made. When Utah has dry winters, the ski resorts can’t afford to shut down, and they create fake snow.

Skiing is a very popular sport during the winter season in Utah. Skiing attracts thousands of tourists every year. While skiing can be a fun extracurricular activity, it is also very dangerous.

No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, freak accidents happen while skiing or snowboarding quite frequently. Sometimes it is out of your control. Avalanches, cliffs, trees, and other skiers put everyone at risk.

The cold is miserable. Waking up at 6:00a.m. when it’s six degrees outside is the absolute worst. On top of waking up in the cold, waking up early to scrape the ice and snow off of your car windows is the worst.

Snow makes winter a lot worse than it has to be. Injuries, unbearable cold, and accidents all happen each year because of snow. It is not worth the few enjoyable things for all of the risks.

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