Break = travel

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When it comes to having days off of school or work, many people like to travel, whether it’s a one hour drive or 20 hours on a plane.

Pamela Acosta from Hawthorn Academy said, “Me and my family like to go to Uruguay during the break because we have family there and it’s also summer so that’s a plus.”

Breaks present a good way to spend time with family especially those who live outside your home town.

“I either go to California or Arizona to visit family. Sometimes we have soccer tournaments during Thanksgiving break and we go to Las Vegas,” says a senior from Hillcrest, Tammie Tan.

Along with spending time with family, it’s a great time to catch up with friends out of school. “This upcoming spring break I’m going to St. George with some of my friends to get some sun and to get a break from school,” said senior Sydney Larsen.

Possibly the best part about having a break is the opportunity to travel and simply get out. “My family travels to Moab during spring break to spend time together and get closer,” said Kami Loertscher, also a senior at Hillcrest.

The stress of school and work can really get to you so It’s important to have breaks from school and work once in a while. It provides a get away and lifts stress away from you. It’s an  opportunity to clear your mind. Whether that’s spending time with your friends and family or traveling to new locations it’s a great opportunity to relieve yourself from the stress of the real world.

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