Reasons why winter break should be longer

Winter break is the time when students and teachers get to take time off work and relax over the holiday. But is the typical week and a half winter break long enough? Here are some reasons why it should be longer from high school students:

Zaynab Salih: “Because students need time to relieve stress after long months of school work.”

Elijah Walker: “Because they work us to hell every other day of the year”

Aaron Cornaby: “Time to spend with family, get work done.”

Ahnaf Islam: “So that students have more time to finish up given assignments and to spend more time with others.”

Matthew Stump: “So I can spend time with different friends each day, read more, and play with siblings.”

Reed Jackson: “People go on long vacations.”

Nick Hart: “Because a week that’s half school days isn’t really a full weeks break sooooo we need two weeks.”

Belle: “We need time to spend with family away from school.”

Madeline Mismash: “It’s not even two weeks long. It’s not long even to spend time with family.”

Anna Day: “We need more rest and more vacation time…it’s only a week and a half and it’s too short to go somewhere.”

James Skinner: “It gives us more time to relieve all the stress we get from school.”

Ann: “A week and a half (what most students get for winter break) is not a sufficient enough period of time for those that are struggling/falling behind in their classes to catch up. Breaks are supposed to be scheduled times off school when the student can decompress, spend time with their family, and catch up in classes they’re falling behind in. A week and a half isn’t enough time to do any of those things, especially if you want to go on vacation.”

Dylan Thatcher: “So I can be able to make more money. My boss works me like the mad per day I’m off.”

Sam Healy: “We have finals and big projects due right before break and we need to catch our breath.”