Amanda Means: The recovery

Connie Means

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Amanda Means is a junior at Hillcrest high school and has been playing basketball for 13 years. She is playing her third year for the Hillcrest girl’s basketball team, and has played JV and Varsity all three years. Means said her favorite parts of being on the team is, “… competing, being part of a team and making new friends.”

Means missed out on about a month and a half worth of games her sophomore year due to an ACL injury, after she, “went in for a layup during a JV game and landed on it wrong.”

She tore her ACL in January of 2017, which ended up requiring ACL reconstruction surgery.

“The recovery was about 6 months,” says Means. “For one week after [the] surgery I was on crutches with a huge knee brace and I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg. After that I could slowly start putting weight on it. I had to wear the brace for about a month,” she explained.

Means said it was difficult to sit out during the season because she loves the game and just wanted to play. 18 months following the surgery Means had to wear the knee brace during practices and games.

Although Means loves running the court as point guard, she also plays Varsity soccer for Hillcrest. She has played soccer all three years, and has grown up with all four of her siblings that played soccer.

This year Means is averaging 7.5 points per game on 19.4 minutes. She is so thankful for her supportive family, that helped her in the recovery and encouraged her to do what she loves. She is grateful to have made it back out onto the hardwood and is ready for the rest of this season.

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