Snow storm nightmare

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Snow storm nightmare

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After a quiet winter in Utah, it’s easy to think that snow is just scarce this winter. However, the eastern states have been hit and hit again by massive snowstorms.

A huge snow storm buried North Carolina on Saturday, December 8, damaging more than expected.
The Charlotte Observer stated that, “winter storm dumped 3 feet of snow on a tiny town in North Carolina in 48 hours.”

After this massive storm hit, many families and companies lost power but worst of all, 3 confirmed lives were lost and one remains missing. During this power outage a woman who depended on the electricity for her oxygen lost her life when it went out.

A person lost their life while driving when a tree struck the car, but fortunately, the passenger survived with little injury.

Another person drove his car off the road into a river, but the body of the driver has not been found yet, and on Monday December 10, the governor stated that a man was trying to free his car when he got a medical issue (not released) and died later in the hospital.

Police advised residents to not drive for the expected amount of snow to hit the state was, “more than a foot in several areas…” Washington Post reported.

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