Max Abbott

Max Abbott

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Maxwell Abbott is a 15-year-old sophomore at Hillcrest High School. Two of his biggest passions are theater and basketball.

During his freshman year at Hillcrest, Abbott was in multiple shows with the Hillcrest theater department. These include “Les Miserables,” the big musical, “Dunsinane,” the spring play, and this years big fall musical, “Hairspray.” Abbott has been on the Hillcrest Department’s Shakespeare Team during his freshman and sophomore year.

While he still loves theater and is currently taking Theater 3, Abbott has decided to try something new at Hillcrest.

Abbott has been playing basketball for a long time, but these past few months he started playing at Hillcrest. For Abbott, the transition going from theater to basketball has what he referred to as a kind of “culture shock.”

Since starting on the sophomore basketball team, Abbott has had the opportunity to meet new people and make lasting friendships.

“It’s a very different environment, and we’re like a family. We all know each other pretty well, even these past few weeks that we’ve been practicing,” Abbott says. “You get to know these guys in ways that nobody else can.”

Joining basketball at Hillcrest has impacted Abbott’s life positively as he goes throughout his high school career.

“Outside of high school I don’t see any continuation of either basketball or theater, those are both just going to be here at Hillcrest high school.” Abbott is still trying to figure out his future, and has thought about going to the University of Utah, but still isn’t sure. “I’m completely lost and am trying to figure that out,” he said.

Aside from his future, Abbott has an interesting family life. He says he has five brothers, which is a life not many people know.

“The thing that’s really surprising about (having five brothers) is that I really love it actually, which is not what people think a lot of the time. People think that it would be awful, but it’s a very good time.”

Abbott’s Instagram bio sums up his life pretty well. “HHS-Theatre-Basketball-That’s all.”

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