Another L for the Jazz

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Utah’s favorite NBA team, the Utah Jazz, have been struggling majorly this season. Last season the team had record over .500, which means they won more games than they lost, and even made it to the NBA playoffs. However, this year it is not looking good. Their current record is 16-17, which means they have won 16 games but lost 17. They are currently ranked 12th in the Western Conference.

The team this year still has a strong set of players, especially with their starters, but somehow they have not been able to get over the hump and win some games. Quin Snyder is currently the head coach for the team. One of the major problems that we have seen consistently with the Jazz is that their offense and defense are both lacking. We have the ability to have a strong offense and defense, but in recent games that has not been shown.

Last year the team had a lot of success, and were really able to walk into a game and surprise the other team with all of their strengths. This year, part of the problem is that some players are feeling that they can just roll back into that success from last year and that has not been the case. Also multiple players are struggling this year with pushing through their struggles. What we have seen a lot with each game is that there will be a couple good plays, but not enough to get enough points on the scoreboard.

Some of the worst losses this season the Jazz have seen were against the Pacers and Mavericks.

On November 26 the Jazz took a major hit losing 121-88 to the Pacers. On November 18 against the Mavericks, they lost again with a score of 118-68. The Jazz have put up some good fights in other games, but this season we have really seen them take a hit.

Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, Ricky Rubio and many of the other strong players on the team are still playing well. However, throughout the games Jazz fans have seen more inconsistent shooting and turnover mistakes which have led to some major losses.

In an article in the Salt Lake Tribune, Coach Snyder said, “If I wanna analyze it, that’s OK — I don’t want him to do it. And my analysis of it is Donovan just needs to attack and be instinctive.”

Donovan Mitchell is one of the main star players for the Jazz and Snyder is really focused on making sure he doesn’t overthink his moves.

While the teams season so far has not looked good, Jazz fans are still hopeful for a comeback. They will definitely continue to support our team, and hopefully we can turn this season around.

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