Is Disney the new Netflix?

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117.58 Million subscribers watch Netflix everyday according to CNBC, but that number is going to start to decrease. Since Netflix was created, Disney movies and TV shows have been on the streaming service, but soon you will no longer be able to stream Disney entertainment.

Years ago, Disney took many Disney shows off of Netflix like, “The Suite life of Zac and Cody,” and “Hannah Montana.” This has been a process in the works for many years now and in 2019, it will become a reality.

In 2019 all of Disney related entertainment will be completely removed from Netflix and they will be moved to a streaming service that Disney has created. Disney and Netflix had an agreement on what would be available for the public to stream through Netflix, but in 2019, that agreement will expire.

Disney is pulling all of their movies from every streaming service, and will soon only be available on their own new service, featuring ALL of the old Disney movies and TV shows. You would be able to watch movies from the first Disney animated movie, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” to the latest Disney movie released. Many movies that have long been forgotten will soon be available to view.

Many parents of young kids have already decided that they will be switching to the Disney streaming service. This will cause Netflix to lose many paying customers to Disney because many parents want content for younger children.

This new streaming service is also nostalgic for many adults who don’t watch Disney movies anymore. Movies that many people have grown up watching will be able to be streamed.

Although there could be a potential decrease in subscribers, it shouldn’t prove too fatal. Many pay for Netflix because it offers a variety of shows like thrillers or love stories.

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