Meghan Markle really did that

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For centuries, members of the royal family have followed the ridiculously specific rules and expectations of their positions. Meghan Markle has made several statements that go against the rules, such as giving subtle hints about how she stands politically.

Markle has always had a strong voice in her public life.

“It’s really important that young women be reminded that their involvement matters and that their voice is heard.
says Markle. “Even if it feels like it’s small, it really can make an impact.”

At the British Fashion Awards on December 10, she wore a dress that hung from one shoulder and had burgundy nail polish. Customarily, royals are supposed to wear very modest clothing and their nail polish can’t be colored.

Markle has been going against the royal fashion standards since the beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry. She did not wear pantyhose in her engagement photos, she sometimes does not wear hats to formal events,  and she shows a little skin… Oh no!

With the extreme standards that are held to the royal family, it is incredibly difficult to get used to their ways. Just to list a few, royals are not allowed to open or close their own doors, speak openly about politics, or use nicknames.

Diana is a major example of questioning the royal ways. She valued helping people more than staying true to the royal mannerisms. Although Markle has not done anything truly shocking to anyone besides Queen Elizabeth II, the people are getting riled up over her small changes to the system.

Even before their engagement, Prince Harry had to defend Markle after his brother, Prince William, questioned her ability to perform as a royal. The brother’s relationship has not healed since the incident.

The royal family has been a staple to England for centuries. Their standards have slightly changed and adapted to fit the advancing world. If Meghan Markle wearing purple nail polish is a major point of emphasis, the royals’ priorities are nowhere near where they should be.

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