Fortnite season seven

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After an amazing season 6 ended on Thursday December 6, it is now time for season 7. People didn’t think it could get any better, including the hundreds of Hillcrest students who like to play.

“It’s pretty cool,” says senior Nathan Barnes. He continues, “I like the planes, the new extended map, and the new updates and skins coming out. It’s gonna be a fun season.” As Barnes said, they introduced planes, which makes for some exciting sky battles and exciting chases from location to location.

There are some other exciting things they have added to the game, like creative mode. This allows you to build whatever you want in a confined area of the map. You can spawn anything, anywhere.

Another cool thing they have added to the game is skins for your guns. You can choose what color your gun will be when you pick it up. People have been asking for this since season 1 last year, so people are pretty happy about some of the additions to this successful game.

As usual, some weapons proved to be too powerful or not very useful, and ended up being vaulted. Some of the weapons that were taken away at the end of season 6 were the double barrel shotgun, the dual pistols, super impulse grenades, bouncepads, and sticky grenades.

Players were a little skeptical when they took away the bounce pads, because you could use them to easily take back the high ground from an opponent in a build fight.

Fortnite also reduced the amount of balloons you can have in your inventory. You used to be able to carry 20, however they cut it down to ten making them less of a priority consumable to place in your inventory.

Season 7 will most definitely have more exciting things coming out during the update periods, so make sure to stay tuned during the rest of the season.

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