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Hillcrest High school has been around since 1962 and will remain due to the reconstruction of the school. Throughout the years many students come and go. Most of the students who graduated are now working adults with families of their own.

Alexandra Flores is a student who graduated from Hillcrest in 2014. Flores is now 23-years-old and graduated at SLCC, with an associates degree and emphasized in sociology.. She is working a full time job at Acima Financing. She is still wondering about a possible career option but is taking her time. Flores is currently looking for an apartment of her own where she can start looking into a full time career.

“High school is a very odd social setup that doesn’t teach you much and you have to learn to navigate the world on your own.”

Flores had many wonderful friends who she made memories with. Although Flores had fun in high school she wishes to have participated in after school activities.

“I know we try t model high school so it’s an easy transition to adulthood but it isn’t as easy as it is made out to be. High school felt very constricting and sheltered.” Flores said.

Alex Jensen is also a student who graduated in 2014 at Hillcrest. Jensen is living on her own working at the Boys and Girls Club. Jensen has always had a soft spot for children and hopes on finding a career to best suit her interests. She has already received her associates degree but is wanting to go back to school to get her bachelor’s degree in art teaching in January.

“My senior year I didn’t really feel ready or prepared for college” Jensen said. She received help from FAFSA and outside sources which wasn’t as scary as she had assumed it would be.

Alex Jensen was very involved during her high school years. She attended many events including the an event dedicated to Native American students. Being from Native descent, Jensen thought the school could have done more for the Native students

“My high school experience was pretty good, I was involved in sports and theater throughout all three years and I made some great memories.” Jensen said.

Nehida Estevez graduated in 2013 at Hillcrest. When Estevez had enrolled at Weber State University with a scholarship and is currently taking a year off school to work as a lease processor so she can get ready to find graduate schools that will pay her to get a masters degree. She is looking to get a masters degree in sports medicine, kinesiology, or exercise science.

“My whole life is a learning curve, taking one step at a time and hoping I don’t mess anything up figuring it out,” Estevez said.

Estevez mentioned that her high school experience was decent. She wasn’t one of the popular kids but she also wasn’t by herself all the time. She tried her best to keep up with her grades and she took classes that would give her a head start for college. Estevez participated in softball after school and by the end of her senior year she was in about four different after school clubs.

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