Youth protection seminar

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The Youth Protection meeting on January 10, gave the lighting that the importance of addressing the feelings of suicide and depression needs to be looked at prior to a tragedy. During the presentation it was addressed that suicide CAN be prevented.

However, one point that really stuck out is that it may not be just one thing that make people feel this way. There are multiple contributors that make you feel like this.

The flier for the Youth Protection Seminar stated that “on January 10 there is a youth protection seminar for leaders of the community to come together and discuss mental health for the youth. Parents, teachers were welcome to join to learn about protecting and empower our youth in times of mental health turmoil”

At the seminar it was very emotional and moving. The beginning speaker was Taryn Hiatt, the Utah Chapter Director for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and she told the personal stories of why kids ages 11-18 struggle so much and why it’s so important to address the issue of suicide.

They talked through the steps of what you can do to help your teen to move past how they are feeling. One point that really did stick out to me was that sometimes as a parent with a teen who is suicidal you do have to back off sometimes for them to understand that space is good, it is too much space that becomes dangerous.

A mother shared the story of losing her son and how much it could’ve changed if she would have known the possible signs of a suicidal person.

The creator of Safe UT app  was speaking of the purpose of it and said that in a situation where a friend opens up to you of the feelings of not wanting to live anymore and being on the edge you can have someone to turn to to get your friend or peer the help they need.

Parents and leaders in the community rallied around to ask questions so the community can be improved. If you ever need help during a time of feeling low or in crisis dealing with suicidal thoughts reach the suicide hotline at