Husky hell brings the heat

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Husky hell brings the heat

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On Friday nights the Hillcrest students come together for one thing they can all agree on: Victory and spirit. Husky Hell is the name of the Hillcrest student section. They are proud, not only to be apart of something so amazing, but proud to be supporting their team. As you can hear them chanting “We are the Huskies couldn’t be prouder.”

From the chants to the disses, this student section has got it all. The section does rowdy right, but still has criticizing words to say to the other team. When the ref makes a bad call, they scream, and when they play offense, they scream “Offense, it’s up to you!.”

The other team can hear the Huskies screaming chants, and it builds the pressure. A unique chant to Hillcrest’s student section is “Let’s get sexy.” The other team feels the most pressure when one of their players is up for a free throw.

When Hillcrest is ahead by a good amount, in the fourth quarter, and it is obvious they are going to win, the students chant, “Warm up the bus,” or “Why so quiet?” The crowd really knows how to pressure the other team.

When the game begins, some students look up the other teams roster, find the player with the best stats, and throughout the game, they “boo” that player, and that player only. Whenever he gets the ball, the crowd goes crazy trying to make him mess up.

You might think in sports games there’s only two sides, but there’s actually three, the referees. As the ref calls plays of the game, the student section criticizes the calls. When Husky Hell doesn’t let it go, they call them off. Chanting things like “push it” and “you can’t do that” in order to show their disapproval.

When the time comes to show support to the home team, there are countless chants. This is the moment where all of the student section shows all of their school spirit, and the volume of the crowd eliminates the stress of the game. The crowd chants, “DE-FE-N-S-E”, and “Let’s get loud, HHS”. All of these loud saying, pressure the home team to do better, and it gives the players more reason to win, and winning not only makes the players happy, but it makes the audience happy too.

The feeling of adrenaline in the players skyrockets, and it’s mostly because the chants ignite something in them.

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