HOPE week

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One of the most important clubs that is located not only at Hillcrest High School, but is world-wide, is the HOPE Squad. The counselors in charge of HOPE Squad are Gardener, Romero, and Johnston. What drives the HOPE Squad is the definition of ‘hope’, which is “the feeling what is wanted can be had or the events will turn for the best; to believe, desire; To place trust; rely”.

One of the activities that HOPE Squad holds is HOPE week, and in the school year of 2018-2019, HOPE week takes place of the week of January 7th through the 11th. Throughout one week, they have activities that will help people feel happier for themselves. They have at least one activity per day, sometimes more.

On Monday, the first day to kick it off, each of the members greeted people at the door, and spread their happiness throughout every person they run into. They also handed out Bingo Cards with the HOPE Squad members on them, which they needed to stamp them in order to get a prize at the end of the week.

One Tuesday, the HOPE Squad members surprised everyone with clothes pins that have compliments on each of them, such as “you look great today” or “you give me hope.” Their hope for this is that it will carry into the rest of the week.

Wednesday is one of the most important days of the week. It is when they will host their purpose assembly. It helps everyone throughout week, and hopefully, the rest of everyone’s lives. This is when the HOPE Grams will start where kids during lunch will be able to come and write a little note to whoever they want.

The whole HOPE Squad is thrilled to introduce therapy dogs on this day. This happened during lunch. There was a single dog per room, where kids were able to come and hang out with the dog for however long they choose. The dogs were in Wilson (C116), Hobbs (A200), and Ostendorff (A110) classrooms during A lunch and Keefer (B204), Black (D114), and Snyder (A109). Ms Gardener, Romero, and Johnston watched over them.

Thursday was a continuum of Wednesday’s lunch activity. HOPE grams continued throughout this lunch. This is where people become the greatest friends with the people around them.

The last day is Friday, the week ends with the HOPE squad members handed out the HOPE grams to the people who received them.

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