One of the biggest voices in history

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist minister in Atlanta, Georgia. King is known as one of the most important figures in history. He was a well known activist for the rights of black Americans during the Civil Rights movement and the Voters Rights Act.

According to thekingcenter, “King delivered his infamous ‘I have a Dream’ speech on August 28, 1963, during the March in Washington for the civil rights movement and economic rights to end racism. After years of campaigning by activists, members of the congress and Coretta Scott King, among others, in 1983 President Ronald Reagan signed a bill creating a U.S. federal holiday in honor of King”

Martin Luther King Day was first celebrated in 1986, and is always held on the third Monday of January.  King’s day is a day where we can remember all about the civil rights movement and what actually happened during the time. King deserves his day, his words play out throughout history and in every history class he is acknowledged. He had inspired people to use peace instead of violence to get their point across.

In 1968 Martin Luther king Jr, was assassinated by James Earl Ray. Only five years after his most influential speech of the 20th century. King was well known for having enemies. He was a brave man for sharing his opinions during the Civil rights movement were many black Americans were scared of doing so because of hate crimes.

King and many other black influencers gave the people hope, hope that the future would be better, hope that black Americans would not have to face the discrimination they faced at the time. Although discrimination and hate crimes is still prevalent in the 21st century. King gave many a voice to speak against these violent crimes. He did many things that made a change on the way we fight back.

“Martin Luther King Jr. Is such an important voice in history, everyone still talks about him today and he’s one of the first posters we see in a history class,” Jordan Huffman, a senior at Hillcrest said. He continued “I appreciate that we have a day to honor him, an influential voice for the people.”

Today, there still is discrimination towards minorities in America. King fought for equal rights so that people of color would have the same rights as whites, but people of color are still facing the similar discrimination they used to face back in the 60’s. Police brutality is still a common thing, but this time, no one is staying quiet. We fight for justice, we will not be silenced by the majority.

This Martin Luther King day, acknowledge the voices in history that fought for equality. Don’t just consider it a ‘no school’ day. MLK day is a day where we all should be able to honor the sacrifices that Martin Luther King Jr. took in order to deliver a peaceful protest to get his point across. No violence was one of Kings motives and his words were powerful. So powerful in fact that it caused his death. In the end his powerful actions encouraged several other movements in the black community.

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