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There are many cases when driving down the road you happen to see a cat running down the sidewalk with no collar and no tags. There can be multiple reasons why that happens. Many times it’s because people will decide that they no longer want the animal so they think it’s better to leave them outside and not let them back inside their home. Others decide to move states and leave their pets behind. Not only is this really sad but it’s really bad for the animals.

There are many different animals in the world, but the most popular pets that are abandoned and left behind are cats. That’s where the TNR program comes in effect. TNR stand for trap, neuter, release. This program takes place at JATC, Jordan Applied Technology Center. They offer many programs, however this one takes place in the Veterinary Science program. The program is ran by Dr. Frampton.

What happens is when people leave their cats outside, West Jordan Animal Control will trap the cats and bring them to JATC. The students then will spay/neuter them, give them vaccines, such as a rabies shot, and then release them back into where they were originally trapped.

The whole point behind this is being able to reduce the amount of outdoor cats being born. There are many risks that come from kittens being born out in the open. When this happens, many times the kittens end up without a mother and have to fend for themselves, causing them to become feral. Many times their only thought is to run and hide, which usually causes them to get hit by a car in the middle of the road.

In many cases feral cats are the ones that are brought in. A feral cat is caused when people leave their pets outside or when they are born outside. They began to learn the ways of being an outdoor cat. They have no human contact which makes it very difficult; they will quickly attack you without any hesitation, which is only going to hurt you in the end.

When handling a feral cat, you need to take the proper precautions, so if you see a feral cat, don’t try to grab it. There are those few good times when we have friendly cats come in. This means that they have had human contact so they aren’t so scared of being handled by humans. There are also a few small cases where kittens are brought in. These type of cases the program usually keeps them.

In those few small cases we get those kittens, students make sure that they grow up with the proper care that they need. They are surrounded by people that love them and give them lots of affection. They are also around other cats, kittens, and even a dog so they learn to socialize so they will be more friendly.

We wait until they are at the proper age to be spayed/neutered, which is about 6 months. We also give them all the shots that they are required to have, such as rabies and feline leukemia. Another bonus that comes with the whole package deal, is that they are microchipped. After they have been fixed and have all their shots, we are able to personally adopt them out to good homes. And the best part is it’s absolutely free!

There are many other great things offered at the veterinary science program. We offer the same services to everyone. For example, if you have a kitten that you want to have microchipped, we can do it for you for only $10. That’s a really good deal when going to some a veterinary clinic or a human society can cost up to $45 and higher. We also offer spaying/neutering, shots, dental cleanings, and microchipping. JATC is located 9301 S Wights Fort Rd, West Jordan.

For more information visit: Jordan Tech

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