Twitter bias against Conservatives

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Conservatives have faced a bias on Twitter possibly for years, but are being brought to light more recently, especially within the past year.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, even admitted that Twitter has a left-leaning bias in an interview with CNN back in August, 2018. However, he did claim that he wants to remove bias when it comes to the regulation of Twitter.

He said,”I think we need to constantly show that we are not adding our own bias, which I fully admit is left, is more left-leaning.”

Jeremy Boreing, a co-founder and the COO of The Daily Wire, a growing Conservative news outlet, was suspended on Twitter for violating their community guidelines of,”Promoting or encouraging suicide or self harm.”

Boreing simply Tweeted a joke about how he would rather burn his face with a pan, than to eat brussel sprouts, and was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours. An outrage surged on Twitter by Boreing’s fans, employees, and more, for the time that he was suspended. Boreing’s account was restored early because of the appeals.

Piers Morgan, a well known left-wing journalist and television presenter, recently Tweeted a similar joke about not wanting to participate in,”Veganuary,” which is becoming vegan for the month of January. He said,“I’d rather impale myself on a rusty spear dosed with sulphuric acid.” Morgan did not face any repercussion for this Tweet.

Sadly, there are still violent threats on Twitter go unchecked, but they most often happen to be on the left. Ellen Barkin, an actress and film producer in Hollywood Tweeted on December 31, 2018, “I hope Louis ck gets raped.” On the same thread she later said, “And shot at.” Barkin has faced no punishment for Tweeting this, even though it was not a joke, and directed towards a person.

Conservative Twitter employees have been reported feeling frightened to state their opinions in the workplace, because they fear the backlash and punishments for doing so. Dorsey even said in an interview by Redcode Media,“We have a lot of conservative-leaning folks in the company as well, and to be honest, they don’t feel safe to express their opinions at the company.”  

Many other celebrities and average people have reported real and violent threats on Twitter that end with those who make the threats going unpunished.

Perhaps these real issues should be a larger concern to Twitter, who’s users fuel the company, rather than favoring their own political biases.

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