Talent show auditions

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Hillcrest High School hosts talent show auditions every year to spotlight their students and their talents. This years auditions were held on January 8 and 10 from 2:45 PM to 4:00 PM in the band room. A total of 17 groups auditioned this year.

People put many hours into their talents to prepare for these 2 days. Senior, Emmanuel D’aleo, who auditioned on the piano, said, “ I wrote the song with my sisters. It took about 6 years and after I showed my friends they told me to audition for the talent show.”

Most students that auditioned were self taught, including the dancers. Senior, Desedrick Freeman, danced to “Looks Like You” by Reis Fornando. He says, “I’ve been dancing since I was 8 years old. I watched a lot of YouTube videos as a kid and that’s how I learned.”

Sophomore, Sheccid Sosa Reyna danced to a remix of many songs and says, “I learned because my dad would always play Michael Jackson and I was inspired by him… I learned to play when I was five.”

Other students have the talent to write their own music. Senior, Chance Heise, played and sung an original called, “Love Where You Are,” on the guitar. He says, “I started teaching myself in 4th grade from a book and once I learned the chords, I would listen to music on Spotify and then play by ear.”

One of the many groups that auditioned were three girls that played six handed piano. Senior, Emily Liddiard, a junior, Tacy Hoskins, and a sophomore, Megan Liddiard, played the song “Triple Dip” by Robert D. Vandall. “I think the hardest part about it is getting three people in sync,” said Emily Liddiard.

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