Colton Goes Bachelor

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Colton Goes Bachelor

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After a rollercoaster season of the Bachelorette, Colton Underwood is ready to go back out in search of his wife as he debuts in this season of “The Bachelor.” Many people were controversial about him being chosen, because he is a very emotional man, not “traditional” to what the past bachelors have been.

Thirty women were selected to have a chance at finding love in the arms of the bachelor, but the one who holds all the power this season is Colton.

The names of all the women were released at the end of December 2018, and multiple trailers and teasers were then released, showing you an inside peek of what is to come on this drama filled season.

Lots of tears were seen in these trailers, and Colton was not immune. He was seen crying in nearly every clip of him, and in one he is seen running away and jumping over a fence, which will undoubtedly be an interesting episode.

Something unique to this premier were the three watch parties happening around the country, in Lansing, MI, Queens, NY, and Park City, UT. Some Bachelor/Bachelorette alum were present at these watch parties and helped run the parties, so to speak. During the show at these watch parties, people were asked questions about the past seasons, what they thought of this season, and the girls they liked. Two couples even got engaged. Weird.

As always, the first impressions were cheesy. There were women who went all out and presented themselves with character, like Bri, who faked an Australian accent, or Alex Dillon, who dressed up as a sloth and made her way to Colton in slow fashion.

Then there were the more mellow of the few, who tried to win over Colton with their charm and kindness. From the beginning, it was obvious that Colton was into Hannah G. She was very calm and gentle, and from the beginning, Colton said she, “reminded him of home.”

The most outrageous part of this premier was that Catherine, an attention hog, wanted more time with Colton and didn’t care how she had to do it. She stole Colton away from four other girls in order to get more one-on-one time, apparently a new record in Bachelor franchise history according to Chris Harrison.

Moving into the rose ceremony, people were hoping Colton would see just how crazy Catherine was and send her home. This would help with decreasing the drama that is always present in the show. However, Colton couldn’t see it. Or was told not to see it.

He gave his final rose to Catherine, and had to send home six women with crushed dreams and empty hands. The other women began to get comfortable and move their stuff in as they prepare to continue their relationships with Colton, and are all one week closer to having the husband of their dreams.

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