A grand band: Hillcrest at All State

A grand band: Hillcrest at All State

Band and Orchestra united to show off their musical talents for all the state to see.

From January 17 to 19, Hillcrest Band and Orchestra students showed off their skills in an All State Orchestra and Band.

Ms. Dalgleish, Director of Choirs/Orchestra, stated, “It is an auditioned band and orchestra that features students from across the state of Utah. The auditions were held in November.”

The requirements for getting in were submitting an online audition, being part of a high school music program, and paying a $60 fee to play at All State.

Hillcrest has had participants in All State ever since Ms. Dalgleish taught at Hillcrest for 12 years so far.

Colby Eldridge, Hillcrest Band’s tuba player, recalled his audition, “I had to audition with two scales, two octaves each, and two short etudes to show my lyrical ability and technical ability.”

Both the Hillcrest Band and Hillcrest Orchestra have had great seasons so far. Band in particular has had improvement in their Big Band, Concert Band, and Wind Ensemble.

Despite this having been Eldridge’s first year performing at a state-wide scale, Eldridge stated before he went, “I’m feeling pretty okay about [All State], I’m not too nervous. I am excited to be able to perform and meet some other musicians.”

January 17 and 18 were both rehearsal days that were held in Bingham High School for Band and Jordan High School for Orchestra, according to the official website for the Utah Music Educators Association (the ones behind the event).

January 19 in particular was a great day for both Band and Orchestra students alike, as students from across the state came together for one spectacular performance at Abravanel Hall, located in Salt Lake City, according to the previously-mentioned website.

Eldridge stated that Band is “honestly is so much fun, you’ll always have friends. There is such a wide variety of people, there will always be someone to be friends with. The band room is such a welcoming place.”

Dalgleish emphasized about Orchestra that students should “First…practice, practice, practice! Work hard to technically master your instrument and be a student in good standings with your grades.”


Image credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abravanel_Hall#/media/File:Abravanel_hall_house.jpg