A new, exotic TV show

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A new, exotic TV show

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This is one of the strangest, most bizarre shows that is present on television today. On the show, “The Masked Singer,” twelve celebrities go head to head to compete, while under a mask and costume to disguise who they really are.

Many celebrities signed up for the show and only few made the cut to be on this season. The celebrities can be anyone famous as long as they are well known. The celebrity could be a model, a reality tv star, or even an NBA basketball player

The show can be viewed live on Wednesday night’s at 7:00 on Fox. Nick Cannon hosts with panelists Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Ken Jeong. They do not know who the celebrities are behind the masks, but they try to ask the celebrity questions to get more clues on who the person is.

Each round two celebrities face off. Before the first celebrity goes, they play a video with the celebrity in disguise giving subtle clues on who they are. After the video is over, the celebrity sings a song with their real voice and then everyone tries to decide who they are.

After both celebrities have gone, the judges pick a celebrity who they think it is, then the audience picks which celebrity they want to sing again. The celebrity who loses the battle will be up against the other celebrities who lost their battle. At the end, one of the 3 celebrities who lost their duel will be revealed. Each episode one celebrity is revealed.

The show ends with one of the celebrities taking off the mask and revealing who they are. So who was revealed on the first episode? Antonio Brown, a football player on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Many have gone to twitter to tweet about who they think all of the animals are. At first many were skeptical but after watching they are all dying to find out who is under the masks.

Listen closely, you might know who the celebrity is all along.  


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