Netflix (Bander)snatched everyone’s attention


Black Mirror, a popular Netflix original show that explores a high-tech, near-future and the effects it has on humanity, released a surprising new episode on December 27th, 2018 titled “Bandersnatch.”

“Bandersnatch” takes place in 1984. It follows a young man named Stefan in his creation of a new video game based upon a book titled “Bandersnatch.” The book is a choose your own adventure book, including multiple different endings, and that is what Stefan is doing with his video game. Over time Stefan slowly starts going insane with the idea that every choice in life is theoretical and the developing research of alternate realities.

The creators of Black Mirror also included the viewers by giving options to choose throughout the episode that will effect the outcome of the show. There are multiple different endings that the viewer could get, and multiple different combinations of events that occur.

This episode draws in the viewer to connect with Stefan and almost feel as if they are in his position. Aisha Khan, a Hillcrest senior, says, “It made me feel like I was truly part of the show. My attention was constantly captivated throughout the entire episode.”

If you like the discussion of alternate realities and questioning the basis of life itself, “Bandersnatch,” and Black Mirror in general will interest you greatly.