3 best short stories on wattpad

3 best short stories on wattpad

Wattpad is a sea of amateur writers with wildly varying skill levels. From questionable fan-fiction to beautiful poetry, there’s probably more on Wattpad than someone could read in a lifetime, or would want to. Here’s a few hidden gems that aren’t weird Wattpad things:

“The Worst Story on Wattpad” by arcticstars – Literally my favorite thing on Wattpad. 10/10. A hilarious mash-up parody of all the most common cliches you find in teen novels. You can read it in like two hours, if that. Makes me laugh every time.

“The Secret Double-Lives of Strangers on Trains” by arcticstars – A cute little story about a conversation between two strangers on their way home on the train, with a nice profound meaning behind it. I loved this little story and it got me thinking.

“Fear of Flying” by S Ranasinghe – A dark and funny little story about Death, as portrayed as a person who gets on the wrong plane. I’ll admit that this one is a little bit strange, but I loved this little story. Strongly recommended.

photo from deadline.com