Costco: Bigger and better

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Costco: Bigger and better

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Costco versus Sam’s Club, has been one of the biggest debate in history. Throughout the years we have seen more Costco’s pop up then we have Sam’s club. Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart, so you see the same products as you would in a normal Walmart, but in bulk; Costco is owned by James Sinegal. Costco’s has more brands, varieties, and no express lanes.

There are six Costco stores in the Salt Lake Valley where there are three Sam’s Club, so that would be a 2:1, which would make it more convenient and almost by every freeway.

If there’s a Costco around the corner from you, and a Sam’s Club 12 miles away, it may simply make more sense to get the Costco membership. Let’s face it, our time is invaluable,” according to Angie Koehle and Chelsey Davis from ABC news station.

Sam’s Club membership have more worth for $45, with the basic card you also receive a free flat tire repair, battery testing, and exclusive offers of gas pricing, Costco’s membership is $60 and you can only receive the membership card and its valid at all locations.

Sam’s Club wins this battle. To be a card carrier, you’ll pay $45. Costco’s lowest priced membership is $55. To make up this expense, you’d have to buy a few more items at Costco than you would at Sam’s Club,” Koehle expressed.

I do love that they both have the $0.75 water bottle vending machines.

“For me it is a matter of familiarity. All Costco are pretty much the same layout,” Arlene Gray.

Many factors are in considerations but for many the prices effects where you for the value of things.

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