The 5 best studio ghibli films

The 5 best studio ghibli films

Studio Ghibli films are most known for their stunning hand-drawn visuals and elaborate stories. Hayao Miyazaki, one of the founders of Studio Ghibli and the director of most of its movies, creates amazing worlds inside each of his stories.

Spirited Away – The second-highest grossing anime film of all time and Academy Award-winning, “Spirited Away” is a story about a girl named Chihiro, who, along with her parents, gets transported into a magical spirit world where nothing is as it seems. After Chihiro’s parents get turned into pigs by a witch, Chihiro, with the help of her friends Lin and Haku, must work for the evil witch Zeniba to get her parents back and return to the human world.

Nausicaa – One of the most underrated Studio Ghibli films is Nausicaa. The story follows  Nausicaa, the beloved and brave princess of the Valley of the Wind. After a nuclear apocalypse destroys most of the planet, creating the ever-growing toxic jungle, the last of humanity lives in small areas that have not yet been taken over by the toxic jungle and the deadly creatures that live in it. After Nausicaa’s father is killed by a power-hungry neighboring kingdom, Nausicaa sets out on a journey to bring peace to her own village and to all others, while trying to find a way to save everyone from the toxic jungle.

Kiki’s Delivery Service – Less dramatic than the two previous movies is Kiki’s Delivery Service, which features Kiki, a thirteen-year-old witch who, by tradition, must spend a year away from her family to find herself and develop her talents. With the help of her feline companion Jiji and her trusty broomstick, Kiki meets a friendly couple who own a bakery who help her get her feet on the ground and start a delivery service. This sweet story is about finding who you are, becoming independent, and being a good friend.

Ponyo – The fourth highest-grossing anime film of all time, featuring voice actors Matt Damon, Betty White, Cate Blanchett, Tina Fey, and Liam Neeson, is the adorable story of Ponyo. A little boy named Sasuke finds a little fish, which he names Ponyo, although he doesn’t realize she’s actually a young magical sea princess. As the human world and the ocean world collide, Ponyo must decide which she will choose before it’s too late.

Princess Mononoke – In perhaps the most action-packed Studio Ghibli film, A young man named Ashitaka, the prince of his village, leaves his home in search of a magical deer-esque creature after being cursed by an evil monster. Along his journey, Ashitaka sees how humans ravage their planet, upsetting the spirits that they once peacefully coexisted with. He also meets Princess Mononoke, the savage companion of the wolf god Moro, and the key to settling the conflict between humans and spirits. Together they must decide if they can save both humans and spirits, and, if they should.

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