Mr. Salter: Sharing his love of Chemistry

Have you ever met someone with their own fan page? How about a teacher?

Meet Jeffrey Salter, one of Hillcrest High Schools chemistry teachers. You can check out his fanpage on Instagram at @salterisms.

Salter first came to Hillcrest in 2004 after graduating from BYU. He got his undergrad at Brigham Young University. He has a BS (bachelor of science) in Chemistry and Molecular Biology.

As a child, Salter’s dream job was to play in the NFL. In high school, Salter had a passion for football. He played on his school’s football team and played in two state championship games.

Along with his unexpected love for football, Salter enjoyed his chemistry class and American History class. American History and Chemistry were his two best subjects. Salter says, “I have a great passion for studying and visiting battlefields of the American Civil War.”

Salter not only has many talents, he has a happy personality too.

Praneeta, a sophomore in one of Salter’s AP Chemistry classes, enjoys his classes.

“I think Salter is a great teacher who knows how to get everyone interested in the class. He brings up really cool facts during class which keeps everyone paying attention,” Praneeta explained.

Madeline Mismash is also a sophomore in one of his classes.

“He’s really funny and makes great chemistry jokes. Plus, he’s a great teacher and always helps me when I get confused about the easiest things,” Mismash added

Salter is a great teacher with a great personality who loves what he does.

Salter exclaimed, “I love to see students get excited about learning how the universe works and I want to share my love for chemistry with everyone!!”