Best cookie store

Best cookie store

There has been a lot of competition amongst cookie stores in the Salt Lake area recently, here are some of the best of the best.

  1. Crumbl

Crumbl Cookies is located in several locations throughout Salt Lake Valley. The stores are open from 10am-12pm each day except Sundays. Crumbl is best known for their giant chocolate chip cookies, much like Chip Cookies. They also rotate flavors each week which include funfetti, cinnamon swirl, macadamia nut, and a pretzel coconut cookie.

  1. Chip

Much like Crumbl, chip is known for their giant chocolate chip cookies. They have one flavor of the month that they introduce, but they don’t always have another flavor other than chocolate chip.

  1. Smart Cookie

Smart cookie serves frosted cookies, non frosted cookies, and ice cream from Leatherby’s. They are known for their classic vanilla cookies, which have a vanilla cream cheese frosting on them. They are also known for their ice cream cookie sandwiches.