Creating a new class

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Teenagers within the modern age are slacking, like a lot. They have no idea what they want to do career wise, until they get into college itself, maybe even later. They don’t think about what they want to pursue until they get to that step. This means that they are unprepared as they apply into colleges to help the teens into going on with their life.

They should be able to apply and not think about what they want to do, because they should have already known on what they want to do. To help this out, the school district should create another class to help prepare them for the modern world, and it should take place sometime in their early years of high school. Every student should be required to take it, and it should be ideal for their junior year.

Doing this will not only help the teenagers, but it will help the nation. Having prepared them early in their life, before they have the decision of which college to go to. If they miss the application period, then they it will delay them for months at a time. This means that they won’t be able to be there to take the spots of others so they can retire.

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