Just keep swimming: Anna Day

Maggie Erekson

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Sophomore Anna Day comes from a long line of Hillcrest swimmers and she is excited to follow in their footsteps. In fact, she says, they are the main reason that she wanted to swim in the first place.

“I did swim because my sibling had done swim and I wanted to be a team captain,” Day explained.

Even if she is not team captain yet, she has found a lot to love in the swim team in the two years she has been here at Hillcrest.

“After I swim I just feel super relaxed,” She said,“Honestly, I don’t care about making it to state, but it’s more like I just love the meets because our team is so close it’s just a lot of fun.”

Swimming isn’t the only thing that relaxes her though. She also enjoys reading, drawing, and watching movies. Her favorite TV show is The Office which she says she watches all the time.

Even If you think you are not athletic, you can swim, Day says. “I would say do it because literally anyone can swim and it’s a good experience.”

Overall, Day is optimistic and plans on continuing to improve.

“I’ve taken swim lessons before freshman year I could like not swim and I would have liked to improve a lot more this year but I couldn’t practice at much because of life… I’m always wanting to get better, improve my times and everything. I’m always moving towards that.”

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