Boys can sometimes be boys

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Gillette used to be just a company that created shaving products for men, but now they are asking men to be held accountable for their actions. The company Gillette has decided to use their platform to make, according to the commercial, “the best in men.”

We have seen the “Me Too” movement become the face for problems with sexual harassment and the inequality women face, but we have to start with also validating men’s feelings. Women can’t ask for equality without first letting a man be vulnerable. History has shown the man of the family to be the breadwinner, but the women of today have decided to let the men express their feelings without being punished.

The commercial focuses on men being able to live their lives how they want and not how society says they need to live. The commercial says, “The boys watching today will be the men of tomorrow.”

Men need to be an example to boys that its okay to be vulnerable and to like things other than football and a juicy steak. You can see, in the video, two boys fighting and to the side many men grilling while saying the phrase, “Boys will be boys”

Nicole Poelman, a Junior at Hillcrest High school, said, “It’s awesome to show feminism as equality, not women over men. We need to let men be able to cry and congratulate, not put down stay at home dads. Breaking the gender barrier in men also breaks the female one as well.”

We can start by telling men that it is okay for them to talk about their feelings, that it is okay to be submissive. Many other companies need to start to use their platform to unify men and women.

Watch the commercial here:

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