KatzenSnack: A man for the school

KatzenSnack: A man for the school

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Zach Katzenbach is definitely well known at Hillcrest High School. He is known for his super outgoing personality, his amazing basketball skills, and his ability to rock at being Junior Class President. He definitely has a lot on his plate but he manages to balance all of it.

While Katzenbach does have a lot of extracurriculars. He also manages to take four AP classes and has a rigorous course load. Katzenbach loves being involved with school events and especially playing basketball.

He started playing basketball when he was in first grade with the Junior Jazz team. He started playing competitively when he was in fourth grade.

“I’ve loved the game from the moment I started playing it,” said Katzenbach. “The rush of the game and all of the excitement makes it one of my favorite things to do”

AP Calculus may be one of his hardest struggles at the moment but he is still a man for the school. He works hard as a Junior class president and works to make sure everyone feels welcome at Hillcrest.

Overall he has loved playing on the Hillcrest basketball team.

“The thing I love most about the team is the camaraderie between the team, we are all like family and we fight for each other,” he says.

The team is working super hard this season. Katzenbach plays on the Junior Varsity team and their record right now is 9-0 in region. He also really enjoys working with the coaches, and all of the support he gets from them.

Katzenbach is involved in almost everything! He loves hanging out with his friends, playing basketball, and managing to keep up with all of his school work. He loves being apart of Hillcrest, and is always working to make Hillcrest a better place.