2019, the year of tragedy

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2019, the year of tragedy

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2019 is a year of improving yourself and being grateful for those around you, at least that’s what most people are saying on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Although this might be true for many, 2019 has started with a rough start. It seems like this year will be full of tragic events revolving around man made catastrophes.

According to Express, in Saudi Arabia, Mecca, the sacred place of Mecca’s Grand Mosque was hit with a swarm of locusts that descended upon the city and covered all the floors and people within it. Many people in the city were frightened thinking that something bad is going to happen, and the locusts were a sign of that.

“Personally to me there is a lot of stuff going on that no one is really talking about. I haven’t heard about earth’s magnetic field nor have I heard about what happened in Mecca. I don’t know why its happening but I don’t think its going to get any better,” said Drea Fregoso.

2019, has come to a strange start, with the government shutdown lasting 35 days and ending on January 25, 2019, which left all government workers without paychecks and no money to support their families.

The North Pole also started to change location because of the Earth’s magnetic field moving at a rapid shift.When the government shut down, there wasn’t much that scientist could do to research on what’s going on beneath us, but now that the shutdown has ended, slowly scientist are working on research. According to kpic.com, this rapid shift can affect something as simple as your cell phone.

Are all these events a warning to something big happening this year? It’s not a big surprise to many that these events are happening. With snowstorms sweeping across the northern and eastern parts of the United States people can only assume we did this to ourselves. Global warming is a real thing and it is happening. Chicago had temperatures as low as Antarctica’s current temperatures. People are freezing and some without shelter and coats to protect them from the harsh temperatures.

What are some things we can do about it? We can start off by spreading awareness. Make sure people around you are informed and always check the news, don’t forget to look at local news as well. You can also drive less or carpool. Cars that run on oil or gasoline are emitting fumes that cause pollution. Something as simple as riding your bike to school or to a local market can help. It’s the little things that matter. Plant a tree in your backyard. Planting trees take in carbon dioxide and create oxygen. The little things always matter. If we can all help, it’s not too late to stop the world from turning against us.  

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