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Lunch time at Hillcrest is divided into A and B lunch. Due to low attendance in 3rd and 7th periods, the administration is thinking of changing it.

On December 18 and 19, Hillcrest High School merged A and B lunches. Vice principal at Hillcrest, Mr. Matt Schelble, said, “The biggest thing that we’ve noticed is that 3rd and 7th period are the lowest attended periods of the school day and it’s because students sluff to hangout with their friends because they don’t have the same lunches.”

“The practices went pretty good,” added Schelble. He continued, “We tried it on days where we knew students attendance would be lower than a normal school day. I think that there were probably quite a few students who eat in the cafeteria normally who didn’t because they didn’t want to deal with the hassle.”

The student body will be impacted the most by this change and many don’t like it. Sophomore, Brooke Lance said, “Getting out of the parking lot to go to lunch will be a living nightmare.”

This change would happen in August 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year.

“Nothing has been decided for certain,” said Schelble. “A lot of it will have to do with enrollment and whether enrollment goes up, stays the same, or goes down.”

As far as timing goes, Schelble says, “Lunch would be made a little longer because we realize there’s going be traffic coming in and out of the school and lines would be longer in the cafeteria.”

Although the combination of A and B lunch may result in chaos in the parking lot, combining would make a smoother schedule. Whatever the consensus may be, the effects of both decisions will impact Hillcrest High and the student body greatly.

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