Helping furloughed federal workers

Helping furloughed federal workers

The partial government shutdown left tens of thousands of federal workers without a paycheck for approximately a month. Even with the shutdown reaching a truce, these workers have to wait more and more days for pay. There are some relatively-inexpensive ways that high school students can help these employees recover, though.

An age-old saying is that time is more valuable and helpful than money. In the modern world, this is evident when students volunteer at non-profit charities or businesses that can help out federal workers, such as the Utah Food Bank in South Salt Lake, the Road Home in Salt Lake City, and the 4th Street Clinic, also located in Salt Lake City. Hillcrest has had a helping presence in some non-profit areas, such as the Utah Food Bank.

In addition to volunteering, students can donate food items to food pantries like Utah Food Bank to help feed federal workers that rely on paychecks normally to buy food. Since more and more of these employees are running low on money, the food pantries will only be able to last so long without proper donations.

Most of the businesses helping these furloughed federal workers will need enough resources in order to help the laid off employees. High school students can help these businesses by buying their goods/services in order to support helpful businesses.

With this 2018-2019 shutdown being the longest in U.S. history, as reported by CNN, there will be little doubt that many citizens want the government to open long-term. If a compromise on the border wall funding can be reached before another potential shutdown, the economy will take less damage. Students can raise their opinions respectfully on social media and other websites to further increase the pressure for both Democrats and Republicans alike.

Additionally, calling state representatives or attending protests may also be good ideas, as there is strength in numbers.


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