A “Hart” felt movie

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A “Hart” felt movie

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Kevin Hart’s typical movies are comedies such as  “Central Intelligence” and “The Secret Life of Pets”. However, he showed a different side to his acting abilities in the movie “The Upside,” by playing a serious role.

As comedic relief in this drama, Dell (Hart) is able to make light of Phillip’s (Cranston) suffering.  Dell tries to make deeper connections in the relationships he has lost, especially with his son.

His life changes as he meets Phillip, a quadriplegic with a limitless mind in a limited body. Dell has been able to give Phillip his life back though care and services, which help Dell become more compassionate and sympathetic. Dell shows Phillip that life isn’t just limited by the bounds of a chair.

When casted, Bryan Cranston expressed his concerns, saying, “Can I tell you the truth? I didn’t know if [Kevin Hart] could do this. That was the honest truth, and I asked that we could arrange for lunch because I wanted to talk to him to find out: does he realize that this is not a full on slapstick comedy? Big comedy chops that he has, but can he be grounded?”

The concern Cranston had for Hart was his ability to push beyond his comedic background. Hart’s role as Dell would require him to convey the feelings of an angry ex con, a shameful son, a guilty father and a compassionate caretaker.

“The Upside” gives a close look to a harsh reality of a father who wants to have his son back in his life, showing that, given the opportunity, people can change. It was moving, loving and pierced to the “Hart”.

I would rate this a five out of five paws.

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