The final trilogy; “Glass”

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The final trilogy; “Glass”

Torrie Heffron, Copy Editor

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Mr. Glass  (Elijah) played by Samuel L. Jackson, is an evil genius who has come up with a plan to show the world that there are real super heroes out there. According to “Elijah’s dying statement, ‘We allow ourselves to be superheroes’, is a flashpoint for those who feel special to come out of hiding but in the real world; it invites the audience to ask ourselves what’s best about us and begin living up to that potential.”

According to New York Times “ Shyamalan’s heroes and villains are invariably more ordinary — and human — than extraordinary, which raises the stakes and amplifies the tension.” This movie shows what it’s like to be a hero, but also what it’s like to be a villain. It shows two sides to a story we all know very well.  

“Glass” is the third part of the trilogy, yet it doesn’t meet the same expectations as the first two. “Glass” is a slow and steady movie, it takes time and patience to watch. It had a slow beginning but a very fast ending.

The actors throughout the whole movie were truly amazing, like Samuel L Jackson, Sarah Paulson (Dr. Ellie Staple) , Bruce Willis (David Dunn) and James McAvoy.  James McAvoy plays 19 different characters, all in one body. Throughout the whole movie you can see each personality come out, and each one is different. He really brought all 19 people to life.

One scene that really was quite funny is when they first get to the psychiatric ward, and they flash between David Dunn’s room, and Kevin Wendell. It shows all there weakness, and even there strengths.

This movie was possibly one of the slowest movies, i’ve ever seen. It took about 45 minutes into the movie to finally get to the real action. Which to me is just way too long. “Glass” was an amazing movie, just quite boring.

This would get a two out of five paws.

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