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“One less thing to worry about” is the motto for the Husky Resource Closet created by our very own Dr. Andrea Martinez. The resource closet is a place within our school that allows students to go when they are in need of clothing items, hygiene products, and items from a food pantry stocked with a variety of non perishable items.

Before the resource closet, Hillcrest had a small closet inside of a classroom with some food supplies and some clothing items. Martinez joined the faculty at Hillcrest this year and was inspired to make this small closet into something much bigger that would have the ability to help any students at Hillcrest.

“The idea to create a bigger space came from the principal, Mr. Leavitt, himself,” said Martinez. Through Martinez’s job she was able to connect with organizations that would help fill the closet. “This closet is now about four times the size that it was six months ago.”

The Resource Closet has had lots of corporate donations to help the closet get started. The Larry H. Miller Foundation donated 45 winter coats, Scheels generously donated clothing and shoes, Edwards Lifesciences donated hygiene and snack kits, Walmart donated school supplies, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Midvale 7th Ward added items to the closet, and various clubs and faculty members from Hillcrest also helped to stock the closet.

Lexie Fenton was a student at Corner Canyon who passed away in 2016. She was at a high school football game and gave her coat to a student in need of one. Because of this, her family has generously donated coats and jackets to our Husky Resource Closet.

“What really inspires me, is working with colleagues and administration who really want to ensure that we have a space that is safe, that is filled, and it’s stocked with items that our students really need,” says Martinez.

One of Martinez’s goals is to de-stigmatize who uses the Resource Closet.

“Need does not discriminate based on race, gender, or socio-economic status… We often think we know who needs it, but in reality, we don’t.” Martinez has seen it transform students lives because they come to realize that it is okay to reach out and get some help.

Another goal is to never let a student feel like they’re a burden, “Sometimes things happen, and there’s a lot going on and sometimes it could be a student needs a food bag, we never want kids to go without food.”

Another way that it has changed people and students is that it has made kids want to give back. Different clubs at Hillcrest have come to Martinez and asked what they can do to help with this Resource Closet and It has really opened the students eyes to how much they can help by just donated small items.

Adults connecting with students in need have really helped the students realize that they aren’t here to judge them, but they truly want them to succeed and graduate and move through life knowing that they’re card about.

Martinez realizes how important confidentiality is, for this reason, they have come up with a care team called Student Support Team (SST). This is a team of counselors and other members of the faculty and administration who meet once a week to make sure that any student in need is receiving support in all the areas where they might need it.

“Part of being confidential means that we’re working as a team and building relationships with students who need us”.

If you are wanting to donate to this resource closet, reach out to Dr. Andrea Martinez ([email protected]) and she will let you know what items they are in need of at that moment. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need help, you can reach out to her, any of of your teachers, administrators, or counselors and they can lead you to the closet to get anything you may need.

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