Hillcrest High’s Sweetheart’s dance

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Hillcrest High’s Sweetheart’s dance

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This year, the annual Sweetheart’s dance was on February 2, 2019 at the Rio Tinto center. The dance has been held in the ballroom for the last 4 years, and was a fun place for Hillcrest students to go crazy and have a fun dance outside of their normal environment.

The theme for this year’s dance was, “Dance with me,” a song by Phillip Phillips. Since the cheerleaders are in charge of the dance, they chose the theme song, location, and decorations as well.

“We just really liked the song,” said Varsity Cheer Captain Annyka Scherschligt. “I showed it to them at a practice and they thought it was good.”

The DJ this year played some good songs, pumping up the crowd with some classic party songs, and also throwing in some non traditional songs, like, “Cotton-eyed Joe” and “Party Rock Anthem,” that also still got a rise from the crowd.

“The dance was pretty cool,” said Hillcrest junior Zac Gallman. He continued, “The DJ was a little weird, but the music was cool… The mosh was cool.”

As Gallman said, the mosh pit was bumpin’. Students would go crazy for most songs, make circles for students to show off their dance skills, and at some points would even pick others up, and then were promptly told to put that person down by the DJ or chaperones.

The cheer coaches served a variety of Italian sodas for students, and also had a spot for photos to be taken with Polaroid cameras.

At the end of it all, the dance was a success. Students had so much fun that they kept the night going strong, with many couples going out to a night activity. For some, this was their last Valentine’s dance and they were in denial of the fact that their senior year was slowly, but surely, coming to an end.

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