Should a president diversify or unify?

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Should a president diversify or unify?

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It is widely believed, either consciously or subconsciously, that there can only be either unification or diversity in the United States, with no middle ground. However, these different beliefs both have benefits, and can coexist peacefully.

Diversity can be very beneficial for societies, which is easily seen in America within its different ethnicities, backgrounds, culture, and more. However, the lack of diversity of thought within separate political groups has been increasing in the country. The lack of education on this topic has caused the American society to grow increasingly divisive for decades, and is still continuing to do so.

History has proven that a lack of diversity of thought has led to failure with large tyrannical dictatorships and empires for instance, so we now know it’s societal value.

Along with this type of diversity, the president should also encourage diverse populations of different types, such as background, culture, and ethnicity, which many Americans fall under.

The infographic demonstrated along with this article, given by the Pew Research Center, shows the drastic growth of the gap between members of the two main political parties within the United States from 1994 to 2014.

With only a brief glance at the graphic, it is easily seen that the gap has grown dramatically over a short amount of time. This shift of mindset is due to the low levels of diversity of thought across different social and political groups, echo chambers that are growing more powerful with time, failures of current politicians to unify the American people, and other related contributing factors. For these reasons, it is becoming harder and harder for people to agree on traits that a United States president should have.

However, most Americans can agree that unification, or the ability to bring people with opposing viewpoints together peacefully, is a desirable goal. This does not mean that they should be able to convert everyone to the same mindset, however.

Even though differences can complement one another, the president must reinstate a blanket of similar values, or moral guidelines, upon the American people. Without similar values, it becomes harder for people to work with and respect those who differ from them.

It is obviously vital that a president should have a track record of overcoming adversity and rising above hardships. A president will almost certainly fail the country’s population unless they are educated and know how to rise up and fix nearly impossible situations, situations that will undoubtedly flood them while they are in office.

If a president were to have these abilities and traits, stronger feelings of community, peace, and overall unity would enter into the lives of all people across the country.

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