ACT woes: a comedic poem


I’m not ready,
Can I stay home like everyone else?

Math, oh how it terrifies me!
Science and Reading are nearly the same thing.
English involves cumbersome rules and limits,
And Writing, must I write an essay in 40 minutes!?

I can’t take a glance at my phone
For hours on end.
Oh, the humanity, I’m alone
Without text messages I can send!

The clock is ticking,
My brain is thinking,
And my future is at stake.
This pencil’s dulling,
My arm’s moaning,
Can’t we stop for sanity’s sake?

So much time has passed,
But, lo and behold, there’s more!
The test makers must be having a blast,
For there’s future test dates galore.

I think I’ll pass;
I’m not upper class and
My life’s no more than an impasse.