What does it mean to be confident?


Confidence comes more easily to some people, and others struggle with it. Here are some explanations of what it mean to be confident-from a teenager’s perspective:

Madeline Mismash: “Being confident is to be sure of yourself that you can be yourself or you can do anything you set your mind to.”

Tanner Branch: “Confidence is believing that you meet the standard of others and showing it.”

Brandon Barnishel: “Being confident is to love yourself.”

Mason Hughes: “Being confident is to be satisfied with yourself.”

Aiden Schneider: “Being confident is not caring what other people think.”

Hanna Weber: “Being confident is to believe in yourself or something else.”

Lexi Beals: “Being confident mean that you love yourself and your idea of yourself can’t change from someone else.”

Jenna Riddle: “Being confident means to love myself for who I am and not to be worried about what others think of me.”

Reed Jackson: “Being confident means owning who you are and what you’re doing.”

Anonymous: “Being confident means to be aware of your flaws but not stressed about them.”

Becca Morrell: “Courage is knowing what you want and having the strength and willpower to get it regardless of expectations and judgement.”

April Maxwell: “Courage is when you push yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone to improve yourself or to help those around you.”

Emily Doak: “To be proud of yourself and to think highly of yourself.”

Photo Credit: Pexels.com