6A cheer coach of the year

Brenda McCann

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Erika Wilde, Hillcrest Cheer Coach, has been coaching at Hillcrest for eight years. This year, Wilde won 6A cheer coach of the year.

They started giving this award three years ago. She says, “It’s an honor to be chosen as the 2019 6A cheer coach of the year. To me this is a team award. I am surrounded by great assistants and amazing cheerleaders. The award shows me that we are doing things right.”  

Wilde explained that the coach is picked through nominations from your school. They ask for two recommendation letters and then the committee makes the final decision.

She started cheer in high school and did it for 6 years, including college. “I got my start here at Hillcrest. After high school I cheered at UVU and the University of Utah.” She was positioned to be a flyer which meant she was in the air more than the ground.

Wilde earned many awards in college including taking 1st at nationals with the UVU cheer team.

“As a coach we have taken 2nd place at State for many years and in 2017 we were state champions,” she said.

She has loved coaching at Hillcrest. She says, “Cheer is a huge passion of mine and I love to share that with my athletes.”

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