Possible presidental candidates for 2020 election


The greatly anticipated United States of America Presidential Election of 2020 is still almost two years away, but dozens of political figures are already stepping into the race for president. Here are the potential candidates who have said or implied that they will run so far:

Pete Buttigieg: At just thirty-seven years old, Buttigieg has announced that he might run for the 2020 US Presidency, according to NPR. He would be the first married gay man to be president and one of the youngest. He is also an Afghanistan war veteran.

Julian Castro: Castro announced his candidacy on Jan 12, 2019 in San Antonio in both Spanish and English. He is forty-four years old and is the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development under former President Barack Obama. He is an advocate for affirmative action, was born in Texas, and also has a twin.

John Delaney: Getting an early start in the game, Delaney announced his candidacy back in July 2017. The former congressman is calling for more gun restrictions. He’s fifty-five years old and pro-choice and supports stronger regulations on gun purchases.

Tulsi Gabbard: Another young candidate at thirty-seven years old, Gabbard was born in Hawaii and served in the Hawaii State legislature until 2004 when she joined the National Guard for two deployments in the Middle East. An anti-war democrat, she has been the cause of some controversy for meeting with Syria leader Bashar Assad in 2017 without the Obama Administration’s knowledge.

Kirsten Gillibrand: This New York Senator is fifty-two years old and an advocate for women’s equality. She has faced some criticism on the democratic side for having a slightly more conservative view on gun rights and immigration in the past.

Kamala Harris: Former prosecutor and now Senator from California, Harris’ campaign slogan has been “For the People.” The second African-American female senator, Harris has become well-known for her criticism and questioning of the Trump Administration during senate hearings.

Elizabeth Warren: A senator from Massachusetts and popular target of President Trump, sixty-nine year old Warren seeks stricter regulations on Wall Street and is a self-proclaimed populist fighter.

Marianne Williamson: Spiritual guru and entrepreneur Marianne Williamson is sixty-six years old and ran as an independent for a congressional seat in California in 2014, spending two million but only coming in fourth. According to NPR, her campaign slogan has been “We had a miracle in this country in 1776, and we need another one.”

William Weld: This libertarian was the Governor of Massachusetts from 1991-1997. He is now a businessman and attorney. He is pro-choice, opposes gun control, and looks to significantly lower taxes

Donald Trump: Our current president hopes to be reelected in 2020. Trump started his reelection campaign oddly early; within the same week of his inauguration. He claims that his slogan “Make America Great Again” could change to “Keep America Great” in the future.

John Kasich: Although he has not yet announced his candidacy, many think Kasich may jump into the race for 2020 against his fellow republican, Trump. Kasich, although a republican, refused to show support for Donald Trump in 2016. The two-term Ohio Governor and former congressman is generally thought to be the most likely republican to win against Trump.