5 best short films on youtube

5 best short films on youtube

You may not have considered short films before, aside from the Disney Short Films, which are fantastic by the way, but there are so much more. Short films are great because they provide most of the entertainment of a full-length film, but with a much shorter time commitment. Most short films are stand-alone and are under or around ten minutes long.


The Surface – Willem Kampenhout

This award-winning film is about a young mother in the future trying to care for her son who has a breathing problem and needs the help of a mechanical lung to stay alive. When she is given a faulty battery for his breathing device and has nowhere to get another power source, the mother ventures to the hostile surface above her underground city in search of an infinite power cell.


Overcomer – Hannah Grace

This emotional short film made me cry at two in the morning. It’s about learning to overcome feelings that you aren’t good enough or you aren’t valued and about these weights that we put on ourselves and others when we say or think negative things.


Fly For Your Life – GUNSHIP

So this short is also a music video. It follows two pilots in a war against each other. With both running out of ammunition and fuel, the two pilots fight to stay alive. This short film is about how war can turn anyone into a monster.


Pearl – 360 Google Spotlight Stories

This Emmy Award winner is a 360 degree video, meaning you have to move your phone around to look around this three-dimensional world, telling the story of a father and his daughter as she grows up, from sweet little girl to angsty teen to well-rounded adult. It shows their highs and lows and their heartwarming relationship. A really cute short film.


Farewell – ESMA

This beautiful little short film is about a young painter who recently had a miscarriage. Packed with symbolism and beautiful graphics and art, this short film is definitely worth your time.

Photo from Motionographer.com