10 fun places to go on spring break

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For many, spring break is a time to get away from your daily life and get loose. There is no better way to do this than removing yourself from your constant environment and going on a trip. With spring break coming up, these are some of the most fun vacation spots

  1. St George: St. George is a very fun place to go for spring break because there is sand hollow to cliff jump and is not a bad traveling distance from home.
  2. California: California is a fun place due to not only the beach, but also the classical Disneyland
  3. Nevada: Nevada is a good option for some of the fun things to do in Las Vegas and also the night party has no curfew which is very different from Utah’s way of living.
  4. Mona Rope Swing: This isn’t so much of a road trip as it is a fun activity to do during the sunny break. Name is pretty self explanatory.
  5. Florida: If you’re feeling a bit more spendy, Florida could be the way to go. Not only with the warm weather and sandy beaches but the ultimate Disney World.
  6. Arizona: This has beautiful sights and full of Native American culture. One cool place to visit here would be Havasu Falls.
  7. Portugal : A huge stretch but a cool idea. This has beautiful architecture and full of new experiences to view and live in.
  8. Hawaii: Hawaii has beautiful scenery and people are very kind. Tourism is very high.
  9. Moab: The classic home town scenery and is one of the beloved places to go hiking. If you are an outdoors person this is the place for you.
  10. Zions: Another national park with great experiences. The holes aren’t so bad but if you would like a challenge that is an option.


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