College credit with just one test

College credit with just one test

As the month of May begins to approach that means AP tests are coming as well. The AP schedule has already come out with all of the tests showing when they will be held and where.

At Hillcrest there are many AP classes that are available to students.With the tests coming up AP registration has started. There are multiple steps to the registration process, and there is a deadline for the registration.

The first step is going to the link this will then take you to a site where it has you fill out  information about yourself and what you are registering for. At the end of the link it will have you fill out the payment issue. If you register for the test before March 3rd the cost is $98, but if you register for it after that deadline the price raises to $120.

Dallin Moon, a student at Hillcrest High School, said “I think the registration process is pretty long, but the test is definitely worth taking because you have the opportunity to get college credit.”

This is the only way to register for the AP exams, but they do have a refund policy. If you decide that you don’t want to take the test anymore then you can request a refund and up until May 17 they will give you $78 back.

At Hillcrest we currently offer 25 AP tests that students will have the opportunity to take. AP tests are definitely a great opportunity to get college credit, and if you are taking any AP classes you will definitely want to register soon.