Dates to know for BYU freshman

Dates to know for BYU freshman

As college acceptance is coming out, seniors in high school are planning their next step. Freshman going to any college have a daunting to do list, so this article is here to help any new freshman at BYU for Fall 2019.

First students must accept or decline their admission by May 1. This can be done in the application where students find if they have been accepted.

Next students have a long list of housing deadlines if they are planning to stay on campus. Roommate requests are due by March 15. On that date students will be given a contracting date and time between March 25th and April 9th.

In March students must also submit their official high school transcript if not already done so during the application process.

It is also recommended that students look at their MyMap page and plan their courses will at BYU.

Once students complete this small checklist, they will be on their way to a fun experience at Brigham Young University.