Hillcrest students dream visits

Hillcrest students dream visits

Every person has a place they have always wanted to see, or visit. All the way from one side of the globe to the other. Here are some places Hillcrest Students have always wanted to visit!

Ahnaf Islam: “I would love to go to Switzerland because of how beautiful the country is.”

Henry Salinah: “Back home: Mexico”

Nicholas Hart: “Definitely New Zealand!”

Emily Doak: “Norway it’s gorgeous there and I’ve always wanted to go.”

Madeline Mismash: “Rome to see the Colosseum, then to Hawaii.”

Brayden Linnarz: “Germany, to see how all the history affects the country today would be awesome.”

Aaron Cornaby: “I would go to Costa Rica because I want to experience more spanish culture and travel.”

Janelle: “Every single Disney because it’s the happiest place on Earth.”

Reed Jackson: “Paris. I love the fashion and good. And it’s so pretty.”

Brook Johnson: “Germany or the UK, I think Germany is beautiful, and my friend lives in the UK. Haha.”

Damon Stewart: “I would go to Afghanistan, learn farsi and help with humanitarian aid.”

Brailee: “Somewhere out in the islands, because I love the vibe, the people, the place, and the culture.”

Dylan Thatcher: “I would go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico because I had some great experiences with my family.”

Maggie Erekson: “I would go to China because I’ve been learning Chinese.”

Weston Hamilton : “England because it’s really beautiful there.”

Cameron McCleary: “Hawaii and Cambodia, for the scenery and culture.”

Brayden: “I would want to go to South Africa because I just think like it’s more developed in Africa and there’s a lot of wildlife.”

Andrea Vasquez: “I would go to Italy because I want to try real pizza and pasta and gelato.”

Sam Nielson: “Italy. The landscape is beautiful, the weather is nice, and the food is delicious.”

Lexi Milla: “Italy because of the food and the people.”

Praneeta: “India because it’s warm there.”

Spencer Holladay: “Back to the south because it’s warm ALL year!!”

Grace Walton: “Paris, France. It’s super cliche but it’s always been somewhere I’ve wanted to visit.”

Berkley Summerhays: “I would love to go to the Caribbean because it’s so warm and so beautiful!!”

Emma Spilker: “Anywhere outside the U.S. because I want to see the world.”

Breein Reeder: “Thailand”

Lexi Beals: “Seattle because rain has such a magical feel.”

Addie Thompson: “Egypt. I’ve always been fascinated by ancient egypt.”

Grey Fillmore: “New Zealand backpacking.”

Luke Stauffer: “Havasupai in Arizona.”

Megan Liddiard: “Rome, Italy because the history there is amazing.”

Katie Ashton: “I’d go to the Netherlands. Aside from the gorgeous art and history and tulips, my grandparents came to the U.S. (my grandpa to leave the war and my grandma to marry my grandpa 10 years later,” and left a lot of our family behind. I would love to meet them and maybe help them find the church.”